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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Sunday Rest: ungual. Word Not To Use Today.

If you pronounced ungual Un-gyoo-allll then it wouldn't be so bad.

 Un-gyoo-allll might be an evil angel, and as long as you purred the word lasciviously while stroking something white and fluffy (no tittering at the back, there) then it might even sound wickedly exciting.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid you say it UNG-wl.

Even more unfortunately, it means to do with toenails.

So really, as far as I can see, the poor word has absolutely nothing going for it at all.

Sunday Rest: ungual. This word comes from the Latin unguis, which means nail or claw. It can also mean to do with fingernails, claws, hooves, and the base of some petals.

But it's still really horrible.

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