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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Thing To Do Or Be Today: brachiate

I love words that pop up with two or more completely different meanings.

Brachiate can mean to swing from branch to branch like an ape or monkey (I do heartily recommend this).

File:Brachiating Gibbon (Some rights reserved).jpg
Photo of a gibbon by Troy B Thompson

If you're feeling particularly fit you could try ricochetal brachiating, which involves a bit of flying between letting go of one branch and grabbing hold of the next.

 Brachiate can also mean having widely divergent paired branches, but I fear you can only really be this if you're a plant. 

Or a scarecrow, I suppose.

These are in Japan

That must be the least exhausting option.

Thing To Do Or Be Today: brachiate. This word comes from the Latin brachiatus, from brachium, arm or branch.

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