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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Thing To Do Today: slosh.

Are you a slosher?

Do you wash yourself neatly and carefully in a cupful of water, or do you work up the bubbles and have a good slosh?

Do you rinse your plates and stack them carefully in the dish washer, or do you attack them with elbow grease and a trusty brush?

Do you walk round puddles or charge into them?

Photo by Davidhc

Do you cradle the bottle of champagne like a new-born babe and ease open the cork with sensitive, cautious fingers: or do you slosh it all about like an F1 Champion?

Do you address your golf ball with care, precision, four waggles of the hips and thirty five and a half practice swings - or do you just give it a hearty slosh?

I can see there are arguments for and against sloshing, but sometimes it feels good to cast caution to the winds.

File:Singing in the rain poster.jpg

Possibly not if you're in a place with a carpet, though.

Word To Use Today: slosh. This word is a form of slush, though it has a bit of slop in there, too.

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