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Friday, 29 April 2016

Word To Use Today: April.

Well, using the word April isn't much of a challenge, is it?

Today is April 29th.

There. That's done.

Word To Use Today: April. This word is rather interesting. The Middle English form was apprile, which comes via French from the Latin Aprīlis, which is said to mean 'of the month of the goddess Venus'. 

The trouble is, there's not much obvious connection between the words Venus and Aprīlis. So how come? Well, the first explanation is that the word Aprīlis may have come via the Etruscan Apru from the Greek Aphrodite. Aphrodite was basically the same person as Venus. Well, she held the same position in the heavens as goddess of love, anyway.

The Romans who actually used the word Aprīlis, however, thought the word April came from aperio, which means to open. 

I don't know if it's true, but that's rather lovely, and from now on I shall think of April as the month of opening.

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