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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Arrow of Fortune: a rant.

I realise, as a mere woman, that I don't really have the same sort of logical mind as a man. Still, I am all for encouraging success, and so it is a matter of some sadness that I cannot begin to understand the mechanism for communicating good fortune to my husband's football team, Millwall, by the wearing of his pair of lucky underpants.

Still, lately it does seem to be working.

Word To Use Today: pants. This word (which in Britain means the same as underpants does in America) is a short form of the word pantaloon. Pantaloon is the name of an old pantaloon-wearing merchant in traditional Italian plays. The name comes from Pantalone, a nickname for a Venetian, and the nickname is probably something to do with the Venetian saint San Pantaleone. 

Here he is:

San Pantaleone, sadly, is not as the patron saint of football (that's St Sebastian, I think) but patron saint of doctors and midwives. 

Mind you, St Pantaleone's alternative name, Panteleimon, means compassion-for-everyone, so I don't see why footballers shouldn't call on his assistance when needed.

And, hey, you know something? That might even be how the lucky pants work.

I knew there must be some logic buried in there, somewhere.

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