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Monday, 6 March 2017

Spot the Frippet: lace.

Here's something delicate to soothe away any Monday-morning resentment at having to get up.


There are lacewings

File:Green lacewing 2.jpg
photo by RudiSteenkamp


File:Pinus bungeana Kew2.jpg
photo by Somepics

lace bugs:

File:Sycamore Lace Bug (5437596708).jpg
photo by Gilles San Martin

and, of course, laces:

File:Shoelaces 03.jpg
photo by Oto Zapletal

There's the fabric, too, whether it's the smoke-stained and dismal curtains of those surely too dull to have any secrets worth discovering, or the glorious trappings of the priest, the baby, or the bride.

File:Victoria and albert - white on red lace (4355719590).jpg
Victoria and Albert Museum. Photo by hottholler

Why such a cobweb of threads is a giver of joy is more than I can explain. 

But it is, all the same.

Spot the Frippet: lace. This word comes from the Old French laz, and before that rather sinisterly from the Latin laqueus, noose.

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