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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Thing To Do Today: be vexed.

We tend to be furious, today, don't we. Or irate, outraged, or fuming.

We blow a gasket (or a fuse, or our tops), go mental, nuclear or postal. 

We freak.

Well, I think it's time to bring back a fashion for being vexed, instead.

We'll be just as angry, but we won't let the neighbour's cat, latest political idiocy, or selfish taxi driver cause us the slightest upset.

We'll display a stiff disapproval, but without tears.

The British used to be rather well-known for that sort of thing, but perhaps this time some other nation should lead the way.

Volunteers, anyone?

Thing To Be Today: vexed. This word comes from the Latin vexāre, to jolt while carrying, from vehere, to convey.

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