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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Saturday Rave: listening to Elvis.

It's plain enough from the mansions, the fans, the self-inflicted ill-health, the unhappiness, and the celebrity endorsements, that fame brings its own rewards, terrors, and opportunities.

So: what product will your choice of celebrity choose to endorse? Will he or she suggest you:

wear a watch like mine? 

Drink this coffee? 

Wear this perfume?

On this day in 1956 Elvis Presley received the polio vaccine on the Ed Sullivan show on USA National TV.

Dr Harold Fuerst, Elvis Presley, Dr Leona Baumgartner

In the next six months immunisation levels in the country went up from 0.6% (and that was after a public education campaign) to 80%.

It's not just the voice that matters, you know, but the song that it's singing.

Word To Use Today: Elvis. If Elvis has a Scandinavian origin then it may mean all-wise. On the other hand, if it's from the Germanic name Helewidis then it means wide (from wid) and healthy (heil).

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