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Friday, 13 October 2017

Word To Use Today: gubbins.

Gubbins is quite possibly the most useful word in the English language.

It's lovely to say, too - do try it - and it means, well, more or less whatever you want it to mean.

(Words like that only increase in value as people get older.)

The word gubbins looks like a plural, but when it means a small gadget (or on some other occasions, when it can mean a thing of little value) it works as a singular. On the other hand, when it means odds and ends, or small pieces rubbish left lying about, then it really is a plural.

Just to prove its worth as an absolute hero of a word, a gubbins can mean a silly person, too.

So, basically, gubbins is pretty much the only word you'll ever need.

And it is such fun to say.


Word To Use Often Today: gubbins. This word appeared in the 1500s when it meant fragments. It came from gobbon, and is probably something to do with gobbet, which comes from the Old French gober, to gulp down.

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