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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Sunday Rest: burpee. Word Not To Use Today.

Someone my age should be able to do five burpees in a row. Well, that's what it said in the newspaper.

Five what? 

It sounded a most unpleasant, but I looked it up.

A burpee is, apparently, a form of exercise. You squat down with your hands on the floor, then kick out your legs straight behind you, Then you pull them back in again to a squatting position, stand up straight with your hands stretched up as far as they'll go, then get down into a hands-on-floor squat again.

Someone my age is then supposed to do all that again four times.

Personally, I would imagine that anyone with any sort of experience or maturity will have more sense than attempt to do anything of the sort. 

Word Not To Use Today: burpee. This form of exercise was developed in the 1930s by the American physiologist Royal H Burpee.

I would have called it the royal, myself.

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