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Monday, 2 April 2018

Spot the Frippet: pileum.

You can say this word either PILLium or PI-lium.

This is one of those words which make you take notice of something you see many times a day. There are lots of pilea all around you, but mostly unregarded.

To give you a clue what a pileum is, here's a pileus:

File:Cluded Agaric pileus.JPG
That's the top of a toadstool. Photo by Rosser1954 Roger Grifiith.

So what's a pileum?

You can see two here:

File:A history of the birds of New Zealand (7157828090).jpg
Illustration by J R Forster

and one here:

photo by Derek Ramsey Ram-Man

and another one here:

File:Pelican with open pouch.jpg
photo by Keven Law.

A pileum is the bit from the bottom of the beak of a bird to the back part of its head.

Neat, huh? As Edmund tells Catherine in Northanger Abbey: 'You have gained a new source of enjoyment, and it is as well to have as many holds upon happiness as possible.'

So let's all admire the birds!

Spot the Frippet: pileum. The Latin word pileus means a cap made of felt.

File:Man pilos Louvre MNE1330.jpg
photo by Marie-Lan Nguyen

If you can't be bothered with birds then do feel free to make and wear your own.

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