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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Thing To Be Today: pavonine.

This lovely word means like a peacock.

It can describe anything that resembles a peacock - which at first thought would seem to, a peacock, but actually the word pavonine might refer to a peacock's horrible screeching cry:

File:Peacock calling.jpg
photo by Albinfo

its strutting walk, its silly topknot (see above):

 its disapproving eye, or its frankly ridiculous train of a tail:

File:Peacock National Bird Of India - Kanha National Park.jpg
photo by Ashishmahaur

Pavonine can also describe something with the colours, pattern or iridescence of a peacock's tail:

File:Peacock Feather Close Up.JPG
photo by Satdeep gill

Whether you choose to dress in turquoise and green:

File:Zang Toi peacock gown (5313139).jpg
Zang Toi peacock gown. Photo by abigail

to wear a spiky topknot:

File:Chloe Moo of Darwin - 2013 Myer Fashions on the Field (10705418974).jpg
Chloe Moo, photo by Chris Phutully

to view the world with a certain hauteur:

File:Dame Edith Evans 6 Allan Warren.jpg
Dame Edith Evans. Photo by Allan warren

 or to trail a few metres of fabric after you:

File:1860's Dress featuring a Train..jpg

 is, of course, up to you.

I suppose I could wear my dark green cardigan and blue jeans, and I could certainly borrow a fascinator to complete le tout ensemble: but on the whole I think I won't.

I think I might try walking around as if I'm made of slightly faulty clockwork, instead.

Thing To Be Today: pavonine. This word comes from the Latin word pāvōnīnus, from pāvō, peacock.

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