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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Thing To Have Today: pzazz.

My Collins dictionary defines this word as 'an attractive combination of energy and style: sparkle, vitality, glamour'.

Well, that's the stuff the world needs.

So: smile that charming smile, make the washing up an opportunity to catch bubbles, put a spring in your step, take out the rubbish with a song on your lips, throw in plenty of chilli, wear the hat, wear the top, wear the heels and the sunset tie (possibly not both at once) and, most of all, enjoy every moment.

You'll probably amaze and possibly irritate your friends, but you'll get a lot done and you'll have a ball.

Possibly almost literally:

Thing To Have Today: pzazz. No one knows where this word came from, but it turned up in the 1900s. If you like you can spell it pzazz, pizzazz, pizazz, pazzazz, or pazazz.

Excuse me, please: I'm just going to dance my way down the stairs.

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