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Friday, 4 September 2020

Spot the Frippet: neb.

 This is a Scots or Northern English word. It can mean peak, as in a hill or a cap:

Nanda Devi at dusk. Photo: By Sumod K Mohan - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

File:Metropolitan Police peaked cap front.jpg

photo by Canley

or the beak or a bird:

File:Hawfinch with a blue beak.jpg

photo of a hawfinch by Andreas Overland

or the snout of an animal:

l:File:Tapir anta.JPG

tapir, photo by Piotr29109s

or the nose of a person:

File:Cyrano de Bergerac02.jpg

or, in fact, a projecting part of more or less anything.

A neb is so easy to spot that perhaps we should be trying to spot someone wearing a peaked hat pulled down over his or her nose standing on the top of a hill.

With a dog:

photo by Eugene0126jp

Spot the Frippet: neb. This word comes from the Old English nebb and is related to the German word Schnabel.

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