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Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Thing To Do Today: manducate.

 Manducating doesn't involve getting information into the head of an adult male human.

If it did, I wouldn't be advising people to do it: adult male humans, as they may have informed you, know more or less everything already.

No, to manducate means to eat. To chew, especially. Food, glorious food, dissolving into sweet juices in your mouth: toffee, crackling, rye bread, fennel, steak, pizza...

...the more you manducate it, the longer you get to enjoy it.

File:Juan de Flandes - The Marriage Feast at Cana - WGA12055.jpg

The Marriage Feast at Canaan by Juan de Flandes. (It's not just wine that's run short, is it. No wonder everyone looks so miserable!)

File:Georg Flegel - Still Life - A Prosperous Past.jpg

That's better! This picture's by Georg Flegel.

Bon appetit!

Thing To Do Today: manducate. This word comes from the Latin word mandūcāre, to chew. It's not the sort of word you can use out loud without appearing to show off, but it can still give a certain amount of quiet internal satisfaction.

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