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Sunday, 15 November 2020

Sunday Rest: Cosy Corner. Words Not To Use Today.

 Not very far from here, in the village of Aston Clinton, someone has built a small development of houses.

As far as I can see (I've only driven past along the main road) there's nothing wrong with them as houses. They probably have more than enough bathrooms, and at least one window in a non-standard size. 

But I literally wouldn't live there if you paid me (unless it was really a lot of money).


Because the road is called Cosy Coner.

And I do have some artistic principles.

Word Not To Use Today If It's A Road: cosy. (You can write it cozy if you must.) This word is Scots, and there's nothing wrong with it in most contexts. No one is sure where it came from (apart from Scotland), but the Old Scots from was colsie, and the German word kosen means to cuddle, so there's probably a connection there somewhere.

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