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Saturday 6 August 2011

Saturday Rave: All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriott.

No, really, James Herriott's books about a Scottish vet in the Yorkshire Dales are marvellous. I must admit that when I picked them up again after many years I wasn't expecting much, but they're tender, funny, and full of wonderful characters, proper stories, and joie de vivre.

My visits here were usually associated with a degree of fantasy but I was beginning to feel out of my depth.
'You mean you actually have a pig in the house?'
'But of course.' Mrs Pumphrey looked surprised. 'He's in the kitchen. Come and see him.'
...The elderly cook...was chopping carrots and hurling them into a saucepan with, I thought, unnecessary vigour.

And it's all beautifully done: just beautifully done!

Word To Use Today: fantasy. Yes, I know that fantasy is much-derided but, hey, it helps to make me a living so I'm not going to start knocking it.
The word fantasy comes from the Latin word phantasia, and before that from the Greek phantazein, to make visible.

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  1. YES!! Loved these books and glad they stand the test of time. Thanks for reminding us. Does anyone still read them now? Are they in print? I expect they must be.


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