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Thursday 4 August 2011

A submersible delight - a rant.

Someone's just sent me a small brochure advertising some river cruises. I don't think they can have had that many enquiries about the Chinese one, because the Imperial Jewels of China cruise has been reduced in price by a hefty £750.

Reading the blurb, I think I can see why it's not proved too popular.

'Step away from the busy centre,' it says 'and submerge yourself in Zhujiajiao - Shanghai's Venice.'

Ah. Presumably that's one for the mermaids, snorkellers, and fishes, then.

Word To Use Today: submerge. This word is basically Latin. Submergere is made up of sub, which is one of those bits of words which means more or less anything but mostly, in this case, means under, and mergere, which means to immerse.

I can't imagine how you can immerse something without it going under, but there you go.

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