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Tuesday 9 August 2011

Thing To Do Today: shoogle.

My Collins dictionary says shoogle is a dialect word chiefly used in Scotland, but it's much too splendid a word not to be used by all of us on every possible occasion.

Shoogle means to shake or sway, or to rock backwards and forwards.

Shoogle is also system (if I've understood it correctly, which I quite probably haven't) of persuading a phone to give out information by shaking it.
Well, shouting at them certainly doesn't seem to work.

Never mind, even the most technophobic of us can always have a good shoogle to some music!

Word To Use today: shoogle. There are other dialect words which seem to be related to shoogle, such as shog, which means trepidation. There's probably a connection to the German word schaukeln, too, which means to shake.

Do see if you can persuade a friend to shoogle, too.

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  1. One of my favourite words ever. And reminds me of my pal Anne in Manchester to whom I haven't written for to write to her right now! Thanks for the reminder...


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