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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Saturday Rave: Enjoying Moths by Roy Leverton.

Yes, I know this seems an unlikely thing to do - enjoy moths?

Look at it this way: a new source of pleasure is not to be sneezed at, and this is a book to provide much delight.

'The Common Clothes Moth Tineola bisselliella...has been declining for half a century and is now local and scarce. I have not seen one for many years, though several of my jackets still bear feeding scars.'

It delighted me, anyway.

'Attracting this moth [the Convolvulus Hawk Moth] is pure self-indulgence. There is no conservation value as it hardly ever breeds here, [in Britain, though it occurs all over Europe, Africa and Australia] but only a puritan would cavil at such harmless pleasure.'

Who could possibly fail to be charmed?

Word To Use Today: moth. This word comes from the Old English word moththe, which is worth cherishing if only for its spelling.

File:Agrius convoluli (pupa).jpg
This is a pupa of a convolvulus hawk moth.

Incredible, or what?

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  1. Our younger daughter would fail to be charmed! She rushes from the room when a moth comes in....does not like them AT ALL. I am fine with them as long as they don't eat my jumpers.


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