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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sunday Rest: Word Not To Use Today: gyrose.

No, of course you weren't intending to use the word gyrose.

You have much better taste than that, and in any case no sane person has a clue what it means.

Er...until now.

Gyrose means marked with winding lines.

Like the surface of your brain:

Brain Clip Art

Or a maze:

File:Wandiligong maze.jpg
This is Wandiligong Maze. Picture by Felix Dance.

Or a record:

Or this initial from the Book of Kells:

A close-up of the book's fine detail


hey, but it's a day of rest, isn't it.

Word Not To Use today: gyrose. This is a heavy word which almost no one understands and which I intent to forget as soon as possible. It comes from the Latin word gȳrus, which means circle.

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  1. I like learning new words! And this is a doozy. WHich is a good word in itself.


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