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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Thing To Do Today: be gorgeous.

Oh yes you can.

Be gorgeous!

Show people you like them and it'll happen all by itself. Honest.

Cleanliness, kindness, a welcoming smile, and not having whiskers or a lumberjack shirt will help.

The weather can be described as gorgeous, too.

And here, miracle of miracles, it is.

Thing To Do Today: be gorgeous. This word has come a merry route. It came to England from France, where gorgias meant elegant, and also wimple.

This is Anna Jugiellon, who was Queen of Poland. The wimple is the bit round her neck.

Gorgias came from gorge, meaning throat, and that came from the Latin gurges, which means whirlpool.

This is the whirlpool galaxy.

A fantastic journey, I think.

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