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Thursday 24 October 2013

A sense of humour: a rant.

Poor Professor Robert Brout. Although he was one of the physicists who helped develop the theory behind the Higgs boson, he didn't get so much as a mention from the Nobel Prize Panel when they were awarding the prize for Physics.

Robert Brout.jpg
(Oh look, he must have been a recorder player. Good for him. All recorder players are both brilliant and very nice.)

As it said in the Telegraph online on the eleventh of October:

Professor Brout died in 2011 and could not share the prize post

Post humorously...

...well, under the doubly trying circumstances I'm not surprised that poor Professor Brout had lost his sense of humour.

Word To Use Today: humorous. This word comes from the Latin humor, which means liquid, and the Greek hugros, wet.

PS I bet post humorously was a 'correction' done by a computer.  You know what computers are like. Now my own machine has got WORD 2013 loaded it's got completely above itself and started sneaking in extra capital letters when it thinks I'm not looking, blast it to blazes.


  1. Post humously I could forgive. Just.
    But post humorously¿ (that was the closest I could find to that percontation point!) Not!
    Even if it was a computer error, it should still be edited should it not?
    I want a job correcting computer and phone auto-corrects or whatever they call them. I don't think I'd ever be laid off! :)

    1. I don't think you would, Jingles. The trouble is, now computers have started "correcting" things after they've been typed it's going to be very hard to copy-edit anything.
      I'm afraid that the only solution is with the programmers.


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