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Monday 7 October 2013

Spot the frippet: quinquagenarian.

You'll find quinquagenarians all over the place: schools, streets, supermarkets, stations, the Sahara, the sea, and even San Francisco.

I shouldn't be surprised if there were even some quinquagenarians in submarines and steam ships.

The only trouble is that being a quinquagenarian is a secret and almost a shameful thing; if you ask someone if they are a quinquagenarian you're likely to cause offence. And possibly even violence.

But here, to aid you in your quest, are some examples of quinquagenarians.

Barack Obama

Dawn French

Iconic black and white photograph of Lincoln showing his head and shoulders.
Abraham Lincoln

Salvador Dalí

So what did they all have in common when these pictures were taken?

No, they didn't all have ocelots as pets, that was just Salvador Dalí; and only two of them have ever been presidents of large countries.

No: only two of them are paid for acting.

Yes, they are all famous, but that's not it.

Another clue: I have myself been one for several years.

What? Is no one guessing genius?

Ah, I thought not.

One more clue, then: no one, but no one, has ever been one for more than ten years.

Yes, that's right, you've got it. A quinquagenarian is someone in their fifties.

And, yes, you're right, this must be one of the most dangerous Spot the Frippets ever.

Still, it's your mission.

If you should choose to accept it.

Spot the Frippet: quinquagenarian. This word comes form the Latin quinquāgēnārius, containing fifty.



  1. I'm a very proud quinquagenarian!
    I love saying it when somebody asks my age - it sounds important does it not?!
    I've only got a couple more years before I'm a sexagenarian, and I will wear that title with even more pride!

    1. Sexagenarian?
      Well, that should get you some interesting offers.


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