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Saturday 26 September 2015

Saturday Rave: Good Morning Midnight by Emily Dickinson.

What is this poem about? 

The internet is bristling with answers to that question.

If it's an academic answer then it will probably aim to make some sort of sense - or, at least, deliberate not-sense. It might even present some evidence, as well. 

As for the rest of us, who come to the poem with ignorant, open minds, this poem is of a breadth and scope that encompasses...

...well, pretty much the whole of everything.

Here it is in full.

Good Morning - Midnight -
I'm coming Home - 
Day - got tired of Me 
How could I - of Him?

Sunshine was a sweet place -
I liked to stay - 
But Morn - didn't want me - now - 
So - Goodnight - Day!

I can look - can't I -
When the East is Red?
The Hills - have a way - then - 
That puts the Heart - abroad - 

You - are not so fair - Midnight -
I chose - Day -
But - please take a little Girl -
He turned away!

Whatever it means, it's inspired plenty of other artists. Two more works called Good Morning Midnight coming up soon.

Word To Use Today: midnight. It's not hard to work out where this word came from. Both mid and night arrived via Old English. The Old English spelling of night tended to be niht.

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