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Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Thing To Do Today: zhush up something.

(You say the zh like the j in the French je.)

To zhush up something is to make it more special or more noticeable and attractive.

You might zhush up a dress with a small tiara (the gentlemen among you could perhaps borrow one from an aunt or sister) or you could zhush up a meal with some edible gold flakes (guaranteed to add an intriguing sparkle to your plate of chips).

An otherwise uninspiring report for work will be made unforgettable by being adorned with small pictures of winged unicorns; and a simple lace ruffle will make your bathroom bleach bottle part of a glamorous luxury lifestyle.

And as for a blog post...

...well, how about these lovely people, to set us an example?

File:Drag Queens at High Heel Drag Race.jpg
photo by dbking

Have a gloriously glitzy day!

Thing To Do Today: zhush up something. This word goes back to perhaps the late 1960 s. It might have come from Polari.

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