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Thursday 9 September 2021

Going viral: a rant.

 Given that no one nowadays believes anything that appears in the press, I'm not even sure that newspaper grammar matters any more.

Still, if one is spraying accusations about then it's always best to avoid wetting one's own trousers, so this may serve as a dreadful warning.

This is from the Telegraph online, 28/08/21:

On Friday, the Chinese Embassy in Washington said the report on the origins of Covid-19 "is not scientifically credible" and wrongly claims China is hindering a global investigation of the pandemic.

Who is wrongly claiming? The report or the Chinese Embassy in Washington?

Well, we know the answer to that, really. But, honestly, surely a professional journalist should be expected to be able to insult people effectively.

I mean, what else do they do?

Word To Use Today: claim. The Old French claimer means to claim or appeal, and the Latin clāmāre means to shout.

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