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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Exploding trains - a rant.

Oh, I do wish the train drivers wouldn't tell me that my train is about to terminate.

It's deeply worrying.

How will my train meet its end, I wonder, as I sit, fearfully clutching my personal belongings and bidding a sad farewell to the world. Will it explode? Or will it enter a worm-hole in the space-time thingy? Or will the poor thing be executed by having its wheels removed or its plug pulled out?

Around me, everyone is standing up and collecting pieces of luggage. This is encouraging, because of course you can't take anything with you to your final destination.

Euston Station. This is Euston Station. All change, please, all change.


I think the driver must have meant to say that the journey was terminating, not the train itself.

And I've lived to rant another day.

Word To Use Today: terminate. This word is from the Latin termināre, which means to set boundaries, and before that from terminus which means end.

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