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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Thing To Do Today: grow.

It's all right for the young ones among us, but for some of us the only way we're going to grow from now on is outwards.

I suppose our hair will carry on growing, though (I wonder why it's only the hair on your head that grows long? I mean, how does the hair on all your other bits know when to stop?).

And our nails will still grow.

And if you're a clownfish (yes, The Word Den has a varied readership and I do deeply appreciate every single one of you) then you might even turn from a boy to a girl as you get older. This must involve all sorts of fascinating growing.

And possibly shrinking, too...

Thing to do today: grow. This word comes from the Old English word grōwan, and before that the Old High German gruoen. The word may also be linked to the words green and grass.

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