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Friday, 22 April 2011

Word To Use Today - eclectic.

It was Auntie Rose's funeral the other day. A lovely lady, Rose Florence Prue, who lived to be a very bright and poised hundred-and-one.  She was a great reader right into her second century, too.

The reception after the funeral was held at a golf club, and Cousin (sort of) David Baines showed me the list of winners of the Eclectic Salver.

Now, something that's eclectic has been gathered together from several places. And a salver is a big plate.

But what's can an eclectic salver be?

Well, I suppose a non-eclectic salver would be one of those annoying plates with PASTA or RHUBARB AND CUSTARD written round the rim which just beg you to fill them with a nice dollop of stew.
I mean, things have come to a pretty pass when your own crockery starts ordering you about.

But an eclectic it awarded for the largest number of different wools in one golf jumper? For the largest number of clubs used in one hole?

I've been wondering all week, so do tell me if you know!

Word To Use Today: eclectic. This word is from the Greek word eklegein, to select, and before that from legein, which means to gather.
If you see someone wearing a swimsuit, a bowler hat, and ice skates you could describe their clothes as eclectic.

It's much politer than crazy.

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