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Friday, 8 April 2011

Word To Use Today - erinaceous.

Erinaceous is a really useful word if you happen to see something that looks like a hedgehog because it means something that looks like a hedgehog. It can mean to do with hedgehogs, too.

I came across this word only last night and I've fallen in love with its soft mellifluence. I'm sure it'll come in really useful... Okay, this one may be a bit of a challenge.

Hey, but I know! Dennis the Menace, who's just had his sixtieth birthday, has hair that's definitely erinaceous.

And yesterday I saw some old teasels left over from last summer, and they were erinaceous, too. Oh, and the garden centre had some small wooden houses designed as erinaceous habitats.

What a brilliant word - I can't think how I've managed without it!

Word To Use Today: erinaceous. This word is from the Latin word ērināceus, meaning hedgehog.

And it's a lovely word which needs using!

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