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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Saturday Rave: Mr Midshipman Hornblower by CS Forester

The Hornblower books arrived with my husband.

I can't say that books about the navy usually appeal to me much. The chance of romance is remote, and, although romance isn't necessary to a book - or, indeed, to a life - the chance of it makes things much more interesting.

Still, my husband obviously had excellent taste...

I discovered that when a book is very VERY well done then it will always be fascinating: and CS Forester writes superbly.

When something is done with love it will always warm our hearts, too: and CS Forester loves the sea - and his shy hero.

Hornblower did not look round. He was looking steadfastly at the grey sky past Simpson's right ear - somehow he could not look him in the face...The end of the world as he knew it was close to him - soon there might be a bullet though his heart.

So plain, but so vivid. Cor!

Word To Use Today: bullet.
  • This word is from the French word boulette, which means a little ball.
  • Before that it probably came from the Latin word bulla, which means bubble.
  • I think the progression from bubble to bullet is rather sad.
  • Though there are happier bullets, I suppose:
  • Like that one.

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