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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Saturday Rave: The Sleeping Beauty

And they all lived happily ever after.

There. A perfect ending for a fairy story.

And how does Sleeping Beauty end?

Well, that's an odd thing, because of all the versions there are of Sleeping Beauty (and there must be hundreds), very few of them actually get as far as the end of the story.

Do you know about the prince's mother and the sauce robert?

'Do it! Do it!' she cried, offering him her neck. 'Carry out the cruel command!'
You don't? Well, I'd recommend searching out a complete version (my copy is the Charles Perrault version adapted by Louis Untermeyer, and it's splendid).

Even though you'll find they don't quite all live happily ever after!

Word To Use Today: cruel. This word is from French, and before that from the Latin word crūdus, which means raw or bloody.


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  1. What happens after "they all lived happy ever after" is always a revelation and very often a really gruesome one!