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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Men Only - a rant.

Chairperson? Chairperson? Oh good grief...

Look, we're ALL men. Yes, all of us. A woman, as should be obvious by the word's appearance, is a sort of man. A special sort of man (says she, trying not to bring down a tumult of feminist raving upon her).

Look, I'm all for new words, but all this spokesperson business is embarrassing. I can't be the only one who thinks it's silly when women demand special treatment over something which doesn't exclude them in the first place.

The only sillier thing would be insisting on being called after an item of furniture.*

Word To Use Today: some word that ends in MAN!

The word woman comes from the Old English word wīfmann (there have been lots of different forms: wyman and weeman are the most entertaining). Wīf  meant adult female.

Wīf is related to the Old Norse vīf, which is perhaps from the word vīfathr, veiled...
...or is that just going to cause even more trouble?


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