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Friday, 10 June 2011

Word To Use Today: jade.

Time for some magic, I thought.

Jade is a sort of green stone (well, it's usually green) and it's been known to be magic for thousands of years.

It's been used to make magic axes and knives, and even, in China, burial suits.
The Chinese used jade to make the mouthpieces of pipes, too, which were supposed to give the smoker long life.*

In New Zealand, jade was so important to the Maoris that their name for South Island is Te Wahi Pounami, which means The Place of Greenstone.

Even in Europe jade has long been used to treat diseases of the kidneys and loins (though sadly you can't get it on prescription from the doctor any more).

Word To Use Today: jade. This word comes from the Italian giada and before that from the Spanish piedra de ijada, which means stone of the flank, because of its connection with the kidneys. Before that it probably comes from the Latin word ilium, which is the widest parts of the hipbone.

I must admit jade isn't the most useful word, but there's probably something around that's jade green.

*And if you believe that...


  1. I just adore jade. I have a necklace that purports to be jade but I don't think it can didn't cost enough. But it looks like jade and it feels like jade, and that's good enough for me. Love that dragon too!

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