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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Setting an example: a rant.

There are loads of wonderful things about being quite old. It's true the frame is sagging a bit, and the memory rather less sure of itself, but there are a lot fewer people telling you what to do.

I mean, I only eat my greens when I feel like it.

So there!

The fly in the ointment - apart from taxes, and the approaching-death thing - is having to set a good example. The being-good-when-the-kids-are-watching.

Being a r├┤le-model.

Ah well, it's an honour, really, I suppose - and that's why the huge toy warehouse called TOYS R US is so incredibly annoying.

Apart from the backwards R - why? WHY? And the fact that R, even the right way round, doesn't mean anything, what the flip does it mean?



It's utter balderdash.

Can I be the only person never to buy anything from them purely on the grounds that their trade name is illiterate?

Well, possibly, I suppose...

But in any case, it should be TOYS R WE!

Word To Use Today: toy. No one is sure where this word came from, but when it started off in the 1500s it meant to flirt or canoodle.

PS You know what I just said about non-reliability of the ageing brain? Well, this rant was really supposed to be for the 19th, rant days being Thursdays.

Ah well! I'll re-post it agan then.

If I remember.


  1. Hurrah! This one (I am not going to name it!) has irritated me for years.
    Excellent post - thank you.

  2. Thanks, Minnie - it's nice to know I'm not alone after all!