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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Thing To Do Today: be swashbuckling.

On guard!

Yes, it's time to grasp your swash firmly in both hands and give it a jolly good buckling.

(I speak as one of the few people in England to keep a fencing sword within handy reach of her kitchen.)

Anyway, enough of plodding our weary ways, let's seize the day and make it sparkle with verve and excitement.

So: do not avoid the puddles.

Greet your teacher or boss with the words Fair princess!*

Rescue a damsel. Or a kitten. Wear pink tights. Or, if you're having a truly dull day, at least wave your handkerchief about and try a few courtly bows.

Most of all, have fun.

Thing To Do Today: be swashbuckling. The swash bit comes from an old word which describes the noise a sword makes when it hits a shield. A buckler is a small shield. Buckler comes from the Old French bocle, which means a shield boss, and before that from the Latin buccula, which is the cheek-strap of a helmet, from bucca, which means cheek.

*If he objects, explain that it's Shakespeare. That might help.

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  1. Am about to buckle my swash as you suggest. One of my very best words ever. And I love a nice swashbuckler..makes me think of people like Douglas Fairbanks or Erroll Flynn. Hurray!