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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Thing To Do Today: solve something.

So, how many roads must a man walk down before they call him a  man?

Does living your whole life through a phone screen make your brain go rectangular?

What's holding you back?

Hm...perhaps these questions are a bit hard to get solved before midnight. Perhaps we'd better lower our sights a bit. (Though, come to think about it, if you lower your sights, aren't you likely to...well...miss what your aiming at? Surely what you should be doing is moving your target closer.)


What is that stuck to the bottom of your shoe?

Why did you come upstairs?

Just who do you think you are?

And, hey, if all else fails:

1 + 1 = ?*

Thing To Do Today: solve something. This word comes from the Latin word solvere, which means to loosen, release or free from debt.

*2 - unless you're a computer, when the answer will be 10. Or possibly even higher if you're a rabbit.

Free from debt? Good grief, and the economists are currently refusing to think about even the last problem.

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