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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Being wonderful. A rant.

Well, I suppose I did quite well.

Fish and chips, please, I said to the nice young waiter came to take my order

Amazing, he said, scribbling.

Amazing? Really? I'd chosen what I wanted, and I'd remembered what it was. I'd said please, which in England is only polite .


Mind you, not long after that I heard him say awesome to someone at a table behind me. Someone there may have been balancing a fork on his nose while making his order entirely by   means of balloon sculptures.

But I doubt it.

Now, what I want to know is, what will that waiter say if he ever finds himself sitting next to Elvis on the train?

Or, indeed, if he ever sees a green alien singing Yankie Doodle Dandy riding along on warthog?

I'm not even really sure what he would have said if I'd ordered some mushy peas to go with my fish and chips.


I'd be amazed if he could think of anything more powerful than that.

Word To Use Today: amaze. This word has been meaning to cause wonder since before the Norman Conquest, and it would be a huge loss to us all if it's allowed to lose its strength. The Old English form was āmasian.

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