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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunday Rest. Word Not To Use Today: gripe.

Endless whingeing, eternal resentment, all in one word: gripe.

Still, I'm sure the word is never used with reference to you, just about all the petty-minded eaten-up-with-envy idiots who surround you.


No, no, I was just...


Word Not To Use Today: gripe. This word comes from the Old English grīpan, and it's related to the Old High German grīfan, to seize, and also to the Lithuanian greibiu.

Gripe can also mean either terrible stomach-ache, or the action of a ship which won't obey the helm.

Hm. The poor word has accumulated some horrible meanings, hasn't it.

Mind you, there's always gripe water: I've been extremely grateful for that, on occasion.

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