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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunday Rest: Word Not To Use Today: cupola.

I quite liked this word when I thought it was said CUP-erla, but now I know it starts with a KEW sound then all the grace has drained right out of it.

KEWperla: I don't know, but somehow it just rings with hauteur, hairspray, and tweed.

It's a pity, because they're just right for adorning the most romantic buildings you could find anywhere.

Borodino's church. Views of the Napoleonic campaign area, Russian Empire

And sometimes they do.

Here's the best-ever cupola if you're looking for something utterly bonkers. The photograph is by Kevin Rae and the cupola is to be found at Dunmore Park in Scotland.

File:The Pineapple.jpg

Now I can forgive that structure anything!

Word Not To Use Today: cupola. This word came to England in the 1500s from Italy. It comes from the Latin word cūpola, which means a small cask.

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  1. Not a word I use often except when I have to, of course but your pineapple cupola is lovely. I don't like the KEW sound either. It does sound exactly as you describe it!