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Thursday, 29 March 2012

car crash: a rant.

The other day, in the New Forest:

File:New Forest ponies.jpg

We saw a notice.

It said:


And it was a good job they'd told us, because we'd been planning to drive really fast round all the bends because, hey, if we pranged the odd pony we could just haul it off to the panel-beaters and get it made as good as new.


Look, no one, no one in the history of the entire world has ever driven too fast round a corner thinking it won't matter if I hit another car, it'll only dent it.

What people think when they drive too fast round corners (if they think at all) is it'll be all right.

If you want to persuade these idiotic and self-centred people to watch out for other road-users, then I think something like:


will probably do a much better job. 

A little further along the road, we saw three road signs all on the same post. One was warning of the possibility of cattle in the road ahead, one was warning of deer, and one was warning of horses.

We drove carefully round the bend...

...and only just avoided colliding with a flock of sheep.

Word To Use Today: notice. This word came to us from France. Before that there was a Latin word notitia, which means fame, and nōtus, which means known or celebrated.

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