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Monday, 14 May 2012

Spot the frippet: pow.

I tend to associate the word pow with Batman:

POW cartoon sound effect

But just in case you don't get a chance to see the caped crusader today then there are some other sorts of pow to spot.

A POW is a prisoner of war, of course. Here's to the day when 
spotting them will be absolutely impossible.

The easiest pow to spot is someone's head, especially a head of hair. This is of course VERY easy, but we could perhaps look out for the most extraordinary head of hair of the day.

Crazy and Weird Hairstyles Seen On

Something like this, perhaps.

pow can also be a creek or a stream. And if it keeps on raining like this that won't be difficult in my corner of England, either.

Word To Use Today: pow. Is anyone ever too old to play at superheroes? I don't think so.

The word pow meaning the noise of a punch is an imitation of the sound. The word meaning head is Scots and comes from poll, from the Middle Low German polle, which means head of hair or the top of a tree.

The word meaning stream is Scots, too, and also comes from poll.

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