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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Under the weather: a rant.

It's quite bad enough being subjected to weeks and weeks of grey skies, cold winds, deluges, and hail, without the idiot weather forecasters describing the possibility of the rain breaking off briefly to give us a day and a half's weak sunshine as more settled weather. 



Oh, if only it was!

It's the rain that flipping settled.

And right over my blooming head.*

Word To Use Today: settle. This word has meant, well, settle more or less forever, so the weather forecasters should really have worked it out by now. It comes from the Old English setl, and it's related to the Old Saxon and Old High German sezzal.

*This was true until two days ago. Now, just to be awkward, silly sun's gone and come out and it's shining away like anything.

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