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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sunday Rest: Word Not To Use Today: ruddy.

A ruddy complexion is said to be healthy, but would you like to be described as ruddy?

It surely describes someone more weather-beaten than blushing: the ruddy bride...doesn't really work, does it.

Ruddy used to be used as a fairly polite swear word in Britain, but it's such a blustering, aggressive little word that using it is like bouncing a very hard rubber ball at someone's face. It may be a good thing that people nowadays tend to have abandoned it.

I must say I do have a soft spot for the Ruddy Duck, though.

Ruddy Duck Photo

This is a perky little South American species. They used to be quite common in England until the conservationists started shooting them. The males have the endearing habit of blowing bubbles to make themselves appear sexy.

Well, who wouldn't be bowled over by a chat-up technique like that?

Word Not To Use Today: ruddy. This word comes from the Old Englisg rudig, from rudu, which means redness.

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