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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Thing To Do Today: be swasivious.

Well, why not be swasivious? The world will be a better place for it, after all.

Yes, I know the idiot who sit next to you in the office/train/ bus/classroom would be all the better, both in character and beauty, for having his face rearranged with a firm fist: but, hey, think how your innocent fist will suffer.

So, be swasivious, okay? 


Swasivious? Oh, it means agreeably persuasive.

Yes, it's a great trick if you can do it. And you can.

Pretend you're talking to George Clooney (no, no, please don't dribble, you'll short-out your keyboard. You're just trying to come over as really warm and admiring, okay? Then people will do anything for you.).

Offering people cake might help, too.

And so will not trying to cheat them*.

Thing To Do Today: be swasivious. This word comes from the Italian suasivo, from the Latin suāsivus, from suādēre to be persuasive.

*Yes, yes, sorry: But then there's always a flipping downside, isn't there.

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  1. Love this word and will try and use it A LOT! Thanks...learn something new every time I come here.