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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Thing To Do Today: paint.

Go on, slosh it all about.

It's all right, if you can't produce a recognisable picture of anything then do what the rest of us do and decide what it is once it's finished.

If you have no paints then perhaps you have nail varnish. Or know someone who does have nail varnish (why should we ladies have all the fun?).

Perhaps you have a wagon or a door that could do with a coat of paint, or perhaps you have a pie that will look all the more golden and lovely for a wash of beaten egg.

You don't even need a brush: anyone who puts on make up can be said to be painted, although I must admit that nowadays a Painted Lady is usually one of these:

File:Australian painted lady feeding.jpg
That's an Australian Painted Lady. Photo by Fir0002/Flagstaffotos

Here's something else painted, but on a much bigger scale: the Painted Desert in the USA:

And if that inspires you to start a really really big project then you can always paint the town red.

Have fun!

Thing To Do Today: paint. This word comes from the French word peindre, to paint, from the Latin word pingere, to paint or adorn.

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