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Friday, 18 January 2013

Word To Use Today: paradise.

Where will it all end, that's what I want to know.

Well, if I'm lucky it'll be in paradise.

I've never read a review of paradise from someone who's actually been, but it's supposed to be a pleasant spot. It's said that only nice people are allowed in, on the whole be a good thing.

Possibly slightly dull?

As with all destinations, advertisements for paradise must be viewed with caution, especially as in this case the Trades Description Act does not seem to apply. Is paradise merely a waiting-room for the big event? Is it the garden before Eve went and ate that fruit? Can we truly rely on there being a place where all our wants and needs will be met?

Those of a pessimistic or cynical disposition can of course discount the existence of all paradises, except for those earthly ones which are parks where foreign animals are kept.

While we're on animals, how about this?

Paradise Shelduck, Tadorna variegata - female with chicks

That's paradisal in all senses, I reckon.

And how about this?

File:DV Paradise fish male 05.jpg
Photo by Daniella Vereeken.

That's a paradise fish, Macropodus opercularis, from S and SE Asia.

It occurs to me that my own personal paradise will probably involve Handel and white chocolate: and, you know, I could arrange that quite easily.

How about arranging for yourself to have at least a glimpse of your own?

Word To Use Today: paradise. This word comes from the Greek paradeisos, which means garden, and was pinched from Persian. There's a similar Avestan word pairidaēza, which comes from pairi, around, and daēza, wall.

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