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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Thing To Do Today: recover.

Of course it's traditional to start the New Year with a nice festive hangover; to approach this fresh start, this glorious opportunity, this infinite marvel, with lightning-bolts of agony blasting through our brains at the merest crack of an eyelid; to begin our journey through a year of a thousand tantalising tastes and textures with a mouth apparently lined with mouldy cottonwool; to commence our conquest of a hundred mountains with a body so weak that opening the medicine cabinet door is eough to make the bathroom belly-dance worryingly around us.

Ah well. I hope last night was one to remember, anyway. And if you can't remember it, then, honestly, all those stories probably aren't true. At least, that one with the guinea pig and the vicar? Physically impossible.

I realise this screen is lungeing at you like a particularly irritable Mike Tyson, so I'll go away quietly, now.

Happy New Year.

Thing To Do Today: recover. This word comes from the Old French recoverer, from the Latin recuperāre, which means to recuperate.

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