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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Shades of Grey: a rant.

I have been reliably informed that there is a school in England where the words blackboard and whiteboard have been banned.

A blackboard must be referred to at all times as a chalk board.

A white board has to be a pen board.

Why should this be?

Well, I can only imagine it's because the idiots in charge of the school imagine that black and white are rude words.

So, do we have to live in a world of albescent swans and leucodermous lilies?

Of fuliginous ravens and melanistic horses?

I do hope not...and anyway, perhaps that doesn't help.

A game of grey chess, anyone?


I thought not.

Word Not To Use Today: grey. This word comes from the Old English grǣg and is related to the Old High German grāo and the Old Norse grar.

By the way: I'm more or less the colour of cooked pastry, but calling me white will do fine.


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